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Lee Waters MS, Deputy Minister for Climate Change

First published:
11 March 2022
Last updated:

I am today publishing the summary report of the responses received to the public consultation to reduce the default speed limit on restricted roads in Wales from 30mph to 20mph in 2023.

Just over 6,000 responses were received – 47% were in favour of reducing the speed limit and 53% were against. Detailed feedback was also received from a number of organisations in Wales. The majority of these – 22 of 25 – broadly supported the Welsh Government’s proposal to reduce the speed limit.

The summary of responses is available in the 20mph Public Consultation report.

The consultation feedback will be carefully considered alongside other research into public attitudes towards 20mph speed limits, including:

  • A Wales 20mph public attitudes survey – 81% of people interviewed supported a reduction in the speed limit to 20mph;
  • Online focus groups involving residents from communities involved in the initial trials of 20mph default speed limits. The majority of participants from more rural areas were strongly in favour of the change. There was a more mixed response in urban settings. Participants agreed it was essential to control vehicle speeds in residential areas.

All these findings, together with the impact of speed on public safety and people’s and communities’ broader health will be considered together as we progress 20mph default speed limit legislation. It is my intention to introduce this in June.

A 20mph default speed limit is a Programme for Government commitment to make our cities, towns and villages even better places in which to live and work. It also forms part of Llwybr Newydd, the Wales Transport strategy.