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Lesley Griffiths, Minister for Communities and Tackling Poverty

First published:
21 January 2016
Last updated:

Today I am announcing the appointment of the Chair and Members of an independent Board to advise the Welsh Government on the performance of Housing Associations in Wales, to provide strategic direction on future options for the sector and to challenge the Welsh Government’s regulation of the sector. These appointments will run for a 3 year term until January 2019.

The Regulatory Board will be chaired by Helen White, currently Chair of Knowsley Housing Trust.

The other members of the Board are:

  • Ron Dougan
  • Ceri Victory-Rowe
  • Doug Elliott
  • Gayna Jones (until March 2017)
  • Claire Russell-Griffiths
  • David Roberts
  • Robert Smith

Biographies of the Chair and members are available on the Regulatory Board for Wales web page.

I am pleased to appoint such a talented and experienced group of individuals to the new Independent Regulatory Board. I am confident the diversity of their experience and skills will provide valuable challenge and advice which will help the development of the Housing Association sector.