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Jane Hutt MS, Minister for Social Justice

First published:
7 July 2022
Last updated:

I am pleased to announce two appointments, on a job share basis, to the role of National Adviser for Violence Against Women, Gender Based Violence, Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence (VAWDASV).  These appointments will run from 1 August 2022 to 31 July 2025.

The role of National Adviser was established under the provision of the Violence Against Women, Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence (Wales) Act 2015 (“the Act”).  The role of the Advisers is to:

  • advise the Welsh Ministers about pursuing the purpose of the Act or tackling related matters;
  • give other assistance to the Welsh Ministers in their pursuit of the purpose of the Act or tackling related matters;
  • to undertake research relating to pursuing the purpose of the Act, tackling related matters or examining whether abuse of any kind is related directly or indirectly to inequality of any kind between people of a different gender, gender identity or sexual orientation;
  • to advise and give other assistance, with the agreement of the Welsh Ministers, to any person on matters relating to pursuing the purpose of the Act or tackling related matters;
  • produce reports on any matter relating to the purpose of the Act or tackling related matters.

The appointed Advisers are:

  • Johanna Robinson as a new appointment; and
  • Yasmin Khan as a re-appointment.

I am pleased that Johanna Robinson and Yasmin Khan have agreed to carry out this role on a job share basis. Both Johanna and Yasmin bring invaluable experience and a blend of skills, expertise and knowledge in this area and I look forward to working with them over their term.

Johanna Robinson is currently Operational Director for Llamau, a leading charity in Wales for young people experiencing homelessness and women as victims and survivors of domestic abuse. She has 25+ years of experience of working within social justice including with women exploited through sex work, sexual violence services and refugee women.

Yasmin Khan is the founder of the Halo Project, an award-winning national charity supporting Black and minoritised victims and survivors of domestic abuse, sexual violence and hidden harms including forced marriage, female genital mutilation, and honour-based abuse. Yasmin has served as National Adviser for VAWDASV for four years.

I would also like to note my sincere thanks to Nazir Afzal OBE who will end his term as a National Adviser on 31st July 2022. I am extremely grateful for the presence and enthusiasm he has brought to the role since 2018 and I am sure he will continue to support this agenda in Wales.

These appointments were made in accordance with the Commissioner’s Code of Practice on Ministerial Appointments.

All appointments are made on merit and political activity plays no part in the selection process.  However, in accordance with the original Nolan recommendations, there is a requirement for the political activity of appointees (if any declared) to be published.

Neither individual has carried out any political activities in the last five years or holds any other Ministerial appointment.