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Julie James, Minister for Climate Change

First published:
27 May 2022
Last updated:

I am committed to addressing building safety in Wales and continue to take forward our building remediation programme alongside a significant programme of reform to establish a fit for purpose building safety regime in Wales.

At the heart of our approach to remediation is the fundamental belief that developers should contribute towards the costs of fixing these problems.

I was deeply disappointed when the Secretary of State for Housing, Levelling Up and Communities Michael Gove announced an England-only building safety levy and associated developer pledge last month. Despite clear and repeated representations from the Welsh and Scottish Governments the pledge and subsequent contract are both being taken forward on an England only basis.

Some developers have already voluntarily extended the pledge to Wales.  This is an extremely positive step forward and I commend these firms for taking it.

In so doing, they will bring an end to the suffering experienced by leaseholders and all the residents of these affected buildings, while also helping to repair the industry’s reputation.

I feel sure these developers are not alone and there are others in the industry, which share my firm conviction their responsibility extends to the buildings they developed in Wales.

I have today written to all developers – those who signed the pledge in England and those who did not – inviting them to meet me to discuss the timeframes they have in place to repair safety defects in their buildings in Wales. 

While I would prefer to work in collaboration with developers to secure the required remediation for Welsh leaseholders, I am prepared to use all the powers at my disposal to pursue developers who do not engage. 

I have published a list of developers who have chosen not to engage with me. I am clear that failing to act should have significant reputational and commercial consequences for the firms involved.

FOI release 16052: Building safety