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Rebecca Evans AM, Minister for Housing and Regeneration

First published:
6 December 2018
Last updated:

This was published under the 2016 to 2021 administration of the Welsh Government

This statement is to inform members that we have agreed with Cardiff County Council to undertake a review of Cardiff Harbour Authority.  The review will consider the current arrangements for funding and managing the Cardiff Bay Barrage, the inland lake and the outer harbour under the agreement between the Welsh Ministers and Cardiff County Council (Cardiff CC). The review will be undertaken by Local Partnerships (a joint venture owned by HM Treasury, the Local Government Association and the Welsh Government).

In 2000 Cardiff CC agreed to take on the role of Cardiff Harbour Authority (CHA) and took on the rights and liabilities of the former Cardiff Bay Development Corporation (CBDC) under the Cardiff Bay Barrage Act 1993. Cardiff CC established CHA as a discrete division of the Council to operate the Harbour Authority in accordance with a Section 165 Agreement (the Agreement).  Following the dissolution of CBDC the Welsh Ministers became responsible under the terms of the Agreement (and subsequent Deeds of Variation) to pay the Council the amounts necessary to fulfil its statutory obligations under the Cardiff Bay Barrage Act.

A key element of the review will be to consider whether there is scope to achieve improved value for money in the delivery of the statutory harbour authority functions including a means of securing longer-term financial savings and opportunities for increased income generation activities.  It will also include a review of the of the Agreement’s existing terms and conditions to take into account operational requirements and risk.

The Authority plays a crucial role in ensuring that Cardiff Bay is managed efficiently and effectively.  With the support of Cardiff County Council it has helped to establish the Bay and associated facilities as a unique public amenity worthy of forward looking capital city.  The review is designed to ensure that we have sustainable arrangements in place to enable the Authority to carry on performing this role into the future.