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Eluned Morgan MS, Minister for Health and Social Services

First published:
19 November 2021
Last updated:

Further to my statement on 8 November, I am today announcing a number of additional changes to the requirements for people arriving in Wales from Monday.

In line with changes being made in the rest of the UK, the current requirements, which apply to children resident in the UK or in a country with an approved proof of vaccination, will now apply to all children and young people under 18 arriving in Wales from non-red list countries.

I will also be adding to the list of countries and territories we recognise as part of a certified vaccination programme, and expanding the scope of those arrivals who will be considered fully vaccinated.

For arrivals from the USA, we will remove the residency requirement from the certification requirements.   We will also recognise three specific US certificates to be used as well as the Centre of Disease Control (CDC) card as a way of validating vaccination certification for inbound travel.

No countries will be added to the red list as part of these changes.  

Our internet guidance will be updated to reflect these changes.

These changes are not without risk but, as I have highlighted previously, it is difficult for us to adopt a different border health regime to that required by the UK Government as the majority of international travellers arriving in Wales enter via ports and airports in England

These changes will come into force in Wales from 22 November 2021.