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Lesley Griffiths, Minister for Rural Affairs and North Wales and Trefnydd

First published:
29 March 2022
Last updated:

In September 2021, I launched a 12-week consultation on improving registration and movement reporting processes for sheep, goats, cattle and pigs together with the proposed implementation of Bovine Electronic Identification (Bovine EID).

The proposals were developed following extensive engagement with the wider agricultural industry and in conjunction with internal stakeholders and external industry representatives through the Livestock Identification Advisory Group (LIDAG).

The consultation document was published on the Welsh Government’s consultation website and hard copies were sent out to all livestock markets and abattoirs, union head offices and Wales YFC, with 36 written responses received. A full and comprehensive analysis of all responses received was undertaken. The responses have now been summarised by my officials into a summary document and is available to read on the Welsh Government website.

The proposals that received support will be taken forward in upcoming legislative amendments and enabled through the transition to EIDCymru for cattle and pigs.

Changes to livestock identification, registration and movement reporting consultation – summary of responses