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Julie Morgan MS, Deputy Minister for Social Services

First published:
12 May 2023
Last updated:

The Welsh Government is committed to creating an Anti-Racist Wales by 2030, which calls for zero tolerance of racism in all its guises.

Being Anti-racist means actively identifying and eradicating systems, structures and processes that produce radically differential outcomes for ethnic minority groups. Even when we do not regard ourselves as ‘racist’ if we do nothing then we are complicit in allowing racism to continue.

We must ensure that future generations do not experience the racism and discrimination that is a pernicious feature of the lived experience of Black, Asian and Minority ethnic people across Wales.  In order to support this vision we are pleased to launch anti-racist professional learning for the childcare, playwork and early years sector as one of the ways we can support this goal and deliver against our commitments in the Anti-racist Wales Action Plan.

This new high quality, free, diversity and anti-racist professional learning resource, funded by the Welsh Government and developed by the Diversity and Anti-Racist Professional Learning (DARPL) initiative with the support of Childcare Wales Learning and Working Mutually (CWLWM), the umbrella body supporting the sector, are available to support professionals providing childcare, playwork and nursery education on their anti-racism journey.

To support the childcare and playwork sector actions in the Anti-racist Wales Action Plan, we are in the process of appointing individuals from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic communities with knowledge or experience of the impact of racism within childcare, playwork and early years to become community mentors.

The sector can access this professional learning provision here: DARPL - Diversity and Anti-Racism Professional Learning

Racism in any form has no place in Wales—direct or indirect.