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Jeff Cuthbert, Minister for Communities and Tackling Poverty and Vaughan Gething Deputy Minister for Tackling Poverty

First published:
16 July 2014
Last updated:

This was published under the 2011 to 2016 administration of the Welsh Government

The focus of the Children and Families Delivery Grant (CFDG) is to support childcare, children’s rights, play and participation programmes operated by the Welsh Government. This statement provides more detail on the grant award.

On 4 October 2013 the Deputy Minister for Tackling Poverty wrote to recipients of the Children and Families Organisation Grant (CFOG) and other Third Sector organisations funded through his portfolio informing them that the current grant programmes would end, following a 6 month extension, on 30th September 2014. Existing schemes were to be replaced by a new more delivery focussed grant called the Children and Families Delivery Grant which will run between October 2014 and September 2017.

The change to more delivery orientated projects is a practical response to current financial reality. Welsh Government funding has been reducing in real terms since 2010 and Ministers have to ensure that the Welsh public obtains value for money from its interventions. Consequently Ministers have to focus relentlessly on our priorities and ensure we see tangible results which support Programme for Government goals.

On 19th November 2013 existing beneficiaries of the CFOG scheme attended an Engagement event to discuss the general direction of travel for the new grant scheme. On 3rd February 2014 another Engagement Event was held for the wider Third Sector to outline the details of the Children and Families Delivery Grant.      

The new grant was open to the Third Sector, including organisations which previously had not received grant funding, and the need for pan Wales, delivery focussed projects and the benefits of partnership working were emphasised at meetings and in the grant programme guidance. This made clear that 5 grants would be awarded, one in each of 5 Strategic Priority areas: Childcare, Play, Supporting Families, Engagement and Policy and Strategic Development. Applicants were informed that it was open to them to submit more than 1 application.              

The application period for the CFDG ran between 3rd March 2014 and 23rd May 2014. Funding decisions were announced on 30th June 2014 with projects expected to commence operations from 1st October 2014.

All applications for funding were assessed on an equal footing in line with the principles established in the Code of Practice for Funding the Third Sector. The assessment process used a uniform scoring mechanism and subjected each application to a rigorous assessment against agreed criteria. Moderation discussions ensured that marking was consistent throughout the evaluation process.

Funding decisions for the CFDG have therefore been made following a robust assessment process and good quality delivery orientated projects have been identified for funding. The successful projects will help the Welsh Government deliver its key Children Young People and Family Support programmes. All unsuccessful applicants have been offered feedback on their application.

Each of the five Children and Families Delivery Grants will address a specific priority over three years to support the Welsh Government’s tackling poverty agenda and give children a voice. The assessment and award process attached the greatest importance to the quality of the service and the outcomes that we expect to be delivered. The successful projects are:

Childcare grant: 
A new childcare consortium, CWLWM, led by Mudiad Meithrin has been awarded £4,324,396 to develop innovative solutions to providing flexible childcare opportunities that meet the needs of families. The consortium also includes the other 4 national childcare organisations in Wales (Clybiau Plant Cymru Kids’ Clubs, National Day Nurseries Association, Professional Association for Childcare and Early Years and Wales Pre-School Providers Association). The grant will fund a range of services and activities including childcare places, training and research into childcare and play issues.

Play grant 
Groundwork Wales has been awarded £1,410,028 to increase the accessibility and quality of children’s outdoor play opportunities in areas of high deprivation. Over 11,500 children are expected to be involved in the programme’s play activities, which will be delivered with partners SNAP Cymru.

Supporting Families grant
The Informed Families project run by ProMo Wales has been awarded £1,532,391 to develop a bilingual, online information service for families. The service will build on the range of services already offered through Families First and Flying Start. This project will be delivered with partners Action for Children and Diverse Cymru.


Engagement grant 
Tros Gynnal Plant’s All Wales Restorative Approaches Family Engagement Project has been awarded to £882,000 to deliver training on intervening and providing help to families in difficulty. Over 550 parents and practitioners will be involved in training projects.

Policy and Strategic Development grant 
Children in Wales, an internationally respected and recognised body has been awarded £1,874,527 to create a centre of excellence for children’s rights. Its work will include ensuring that the voice of the child is heard in decisions that affect them, raising awareness, establishing and promoting best practice and provide evidence based advice to issues related to children’s rights. Delivery partners for this work will be Tros Gynnal Plant and Voices from Care Cymru. We expect Children in Wales to continue a dialogue with all interested parties including, the Assembly Commission, to ensure the voices of children in Wales are properly heard.