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Jane Davidson, Minister for Environment, Sustainability and Housing

First published:
1 March 2011
Last updated:

This was published under the 2007 to 2011 administration of the Welsh Government

I am today announcing the appointment of Peter Davies as Commissioner for Sustainable Futures from 1 April 2011. Mr Davies is currently our Sustainable Development Commissioner for Wales, an appointment that will end on 31 March 2011.  

Following the decision of the UK Secretary for State for the Environment to withdraw funding from the Sustainable Development Commission (SDC), the SDC will formally close down at the end of March 2011. We in Wales have always valued the work done by the SDC, and the SDC has made an important contribution to our sustainable development agenda.

I announced at the time my intent to continue to seek independent advice on sustainable development, drawing on the best practice from the UK, Europe and internationally, to inform us as we take forward our policies.

I also recognised the need for continued engagement and networking with all sectors and communities in Wales to ensure we can deliver our vision of a sustainable Wales.
In order to continue with, and indeed accelerate, our action on sustainable development I think it is crucial that we continue to receive independent advice on the policies and programmes we have in place. Mr Davies will provide that independent advice.

Mr Davies will also provide external leadership on sustainable development in Wales in order to catalyse and support action to deliver sustainable development in all parts of Welsh society.

Mr Davies will continue his work to bring together partners to tackle difficult and challenging sustainable development issues. He will also advise the Assembly Government on blockages that our obstructing our progress in making Wales a more sustainable nation as well as offering solutions to those blockages.

I hope we will continue to engage with, and share best practice between the four UK countries, and Mr Davies’ role will be vital in making this happen. 

This appointment reflects how seriously we take our duty to Sustainable Development, and is proof of our commitment to do all we can to make Wales a truly sustainable nation.
The final arrangements are still being confirmed, but I anticipate that Peter Davies will receive support in his role from Cynnal Cymru, the Sustainable Development Forum for Wales. Mr Davies’ appointment as Commissioner for Sustainable Futures will run from 1st April 2011 until the 28th June 2012.