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Written Statement - Consultation on Petroleum Extraction in Wales

First published:
3 July 2018
Last updated:

This was published under the 2016 to 2021 administration of the Welsh Government

The Wales Act 2017, which received Royal Assent last year, was a step forward in handing further control over the consenting of energy projects and other important regulatory frameworks to Wales, including the future onshore licensing of oil & gas extraction.

In December 2016 I set out my commitment to reduce our reliance on energy generated from fossil fuels. The new petroleum licencing powers provide an opportunity to consider what should be our approach to petroleum extraction in Wales, for now and future generations.   As a new area of responsibility for Welsh Government, we commissioned a review of the evidence in 2017 to inform our future policy towards petroleum extraction.

Today I am pleased to launch a consultation seeking views on that evidence and our proposed policy on petroleum extraction including fracking.

Within the UK, Wales has a distinctive approach to the management of our natural resources underpinned by legislation. The proposed policy should be considered in the context of our well being goal for a globally responsible Wales, our climate change obligations and long term ambition to remove fossil fuels from our energy mix whilst minimising economic impact and providing clarity for investors.


I welcome your views on whether the proposals in the consultation will help us deliver our long term objectives. The consultation will close on 25th September 2018.