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Julie Morgan MS, Deputy Minister for Social Services

First published:
22 September 2022
Last updated:

On 31 March, I launched a consultation into changes we were proposing to make to the Child Minding and Day Care (Disqualification) (Wales) Regulations 2010. These regulations provide important safeguards to reduce the risk of harm to children by preventing unsuitable registered childcare providers, or those who wish to register, to care for children.  

The responses to the consultation supported the inclusion of additional offences and updates to law introduced since the 2010 regulations were made.

Policy changes, which were suggested as part of the consultation were also welcomed overall. These related to the removal of the disqualification by association provision, which disqualified people who are registered (or wish to register) to provide childcare away from their homes (day care and child minders who work away from their homes) because they live with someone who is disqualified under the regulations. 

These changes to the 2022 regulations would mean that people who were previously disqualified from becoming registered childcare providers through no fault of their own can now register to provide childcare. We also proposed removing some of the anomalies in the current legislation to ensure people who may have been subject to care or supervision orders in the past, together with foster, kinship and adoptive parents, are treated fairly.

The summary of responses is available here:

These changes are a positive step forwards, allowing more people to register to provide childcare services in Wales.

I intend to lay these amended regulations in the autumn. I will also make guidance available to support the 2022 regulations, so people are clear about the regulatory requirements they need to meet to ensure compliance with the law.