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Julie James MS, Minister for Climate Change

First published:
15 August 2022
Last updated:

I am pleased to announce that today I am publishing a draft of The Environmental Protection (Single-use Plastic Products) (Wales) Bill. Many people in Wales are already taking action to reduce our reliance on single-use plastics, changing habits and making products and services more sustainable. As a Government we are committed to supporting their efforts. The Bill will be the first step in a programme of measures aimed at tackling plastic pollution and delivering our Programme for Government commitment to abolish commonly littered single-use plastic products. Members across the Senedd have been calling for urgent action to curb the use of non-essential and non-medical single-use plastics, and I look forward to working with all parties to ensure that action on plastics is as ambitious as possible, building on our common concerns and those of the communities we represent.

The Bill proposes to ban or restrict the sale of some of the most commonly littered single-use plastics in Wales. The draft Bill can be found by clicking the following link: The aim of publishing a draft of the Bill today is to give Senedd Members and interested stakeholders an opportunity to see the proposed scope and direction of the Bill before its formal introduction in the autumn. It is not published for further consultation at this stage. Work continues on the preparation of the Bill and there are likely to be changes before it is introduced to the Senedd. This is not therefore a final version.

I look forward to working with Senedd Members on the provisions of the Bill during scrutiny after the Bill is introduced in the autumn.

This statement is being issued during recess in order to keep members informed. Should members wish me to make a further statement or to answer questions on this when the Senedd returns I would be happy to do so.