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Lesley Griffiths MS, Minister for Rural Affairs and North Wales, and Trefnydd

First published:
15 January 2024
Last updated:

Members of the Senedd will wish to be aware that I have given consent to the Minister for Biosecurity, Animal Health and Welfare to exercise a subordinate legislation-making power in devolved areas in relation to Wales.

Agreement was sought by the Minister Rt Hon Lord Douglas-Miller to make a Statutory Instrument (SI) titled The Environment and Rural Affairs (Revocation and Consequential Provision) Regulations 2024. 

The above titled Statutory Instrument (SI) was laid before the UK Parliament by the Secretary of State on 13 March in exercise of powers conferred by Section 14 of the Retained EU Law (REUL) (Revocation and Reform) Act.

The SI will revoke legislation that is redundant following the UK’s exit from the EU and was not included in Schedule 1 of the REUL Act.  Its removal will have no policy effect in Wales. The SI was laid before the UK Parliament on 13 March.

Impact the instrument may have on the Senedd’s legislative competence and/or the Welsh Ministers’ executive competence:

The Regulations do not diminish or undermine the powers of Welsh Ministers in any way, and they do not create, amend or remove any functions conferred on the Welsh Ministers.

I would like to reassure the Senedd it is normally the policy of the Welsh Government to legislate for Wales in matters of devolved competence. However, in certain circumstances there are benefits in working collaboratively with the UK Government where there is a clear rationale for doing so. On this occasion, I have given my consent to these Regulations for reasons of efficiency and cross-government coordination, and consistency. 

The Regulations are available here: The Retained EU Law (Revocation and Reform) Act 2023 (Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) (Revocation) Regulations 2024 - GOV.UK (