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Eluned Morgan, Minister for Health and Social Services

First published:
7 March 2024
Last updated:

In July 2023 I announced I was putting in place a task and finish Ministerial Advisory group to reflect on the current governance structures within NHS Wales, consider whether accountabilities are clear and appropriate, and advise on any recommendations necessary to strengthen them.

In November 2023 I issued a Written Statement to confirm Ann Lloyd CBE as chair of the group, its wider membership and Terms of Reference. 

As stated in its terms of reference, the purpose of the group is to:

  • Reflect on the current governance structures within the NHS Wales system and provide observations of any strengths or weaknesses;
  • Provide a view as to whether accountabilities are clear and appropriate;
  • Provide any recommendations to strengthen the system;
  • Take account of the fact that health ministers in Wales are closer to the NHS system than elsewhere and that the accountability mechanisms need to consider this;
  • Review the levers for change paper from October 2022;
  • Consider the role of incentives and sanctions to drive and improve delivery in NHS Wales organisations;
  • Identify any other levers that could be used to drive performance.

When I established the review, I was keen for the group to hear evidence from a broad range of voices and interests to inform its recommendations. I am pleased to inform Members that the group has now completed the evidence gathering phase of their review and, over the past few months, the group has taken evidence from groups including:  

Welsh NHS Confederation 

Welsh Local Government Association 

Wales Partnerships Forum

Allied Health Professional bodies

Royal Medical Colleges Wales 

Royal College of Nursing Wales 

London City University 

Having concluded the evidence gathering phase of their work, the group will now consider the evidence they have heard and develop recommendations which will be presented to me by the end of March and published publicly shortly thereafter. 

I would like to thank the members of the group for their work to date, along with everyone who has taken the time to contribute evidence. I look forward to considering the recommendations of the group’s review once the group’s work is complete. Once I have received the recommendations of the committee I will gather the chairs of NHS Wales organisations together to consider the findings and decide on the next actions.