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First Minister, Mark Drakeford

First published:
7 December 2022
Last updated:

Wales has made a unique commitment to the well-being of future generations. Across Wales, organisations, people, and communities are working towards our seven national well-being goals that provide a shared vision for the sustainable Wales we want to see now and in the future.  

Our Well-being of Future Generations Act provides provides the blueprint to make this happen. To assist, support, and inspire this transformation, the independent Future Generations Commissioner for Wales and their office guide and shape how we collectively advance sustainable development drawing on their core role as an advocate for future generations.

The Commissioner is appointed for a period of seven years, with the term of the current Commissioner, Sophie Howe, ending in early 2023.

Recruitment for the next Commissioner commenced in July 2022 and we invited applications from candidates who could demonstrate their ability to play a leading role in making Wales a sustainable and globally responsible nation by inspiring, supporting, and convening people and organisations to deliver on our national well-being goals.

Following a rigorous recruitment exercise I am pleased to announce that I have appointed Derek Walker as the next Future Generations Commissioner for Wales.

A total of 55 applications were received, with many demonstrating the leadership qualities and commitment to advance the well-being of future generations agenda in Wales. My decision was informed by the views of a cross-party Advisory Assessment Panel and a stakeholder session with the alumni of the Future Generations Leadership Academy. I am grateful for the time the Academi alumni gave to engage with shortlisted candidates and of Senedd Members in this process.

I want to pay tribute to Sophie Howe for all her work during her time as the Future Generations Commissioner for Wales. Sophie has made the role her own, inspiring our younger generation and society in general, to think carefully about all the decisions we make, and how it will impact on those that succeed us as the leaders of tomorrow.

Sophie has made an impressive and long-lasting contribution to public debate and policy in Wales, and we are forever thankful to her in shaping the first Future Generations Commissioner for Wales’ role.

Now more than ever, the role of the Future Generations Commissioner for Wales is of the utmost importance. They will help to shape the fairer, more equal future we all want to see. Wales needs a strong, independent, and respected individual to take on the role of Commissioner, helping us all to leave a better legacy for people and planet.

Derek comes with a wealth of knowledge and experience, and I know he will build the relationships across Wales to continue the movement for change initiated by the Well-being of Future Generations Act and the work of Sophie Howe.