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Mark Drakeford AM, First Minister

First published:
28 August 2019
Last updated:

This was published under the 2016 to 2021 administration of the Welsh Government

I strongly believe that Wales’ future is best served by being a part of the United Kingdom. The Welsh Government has consistently argued for changes to the settlement over the last two decades to both strengthen our parliament and government but also to strengthen the union.

Like many others I have been dismayed at the carelessness with which the new UK Government has treated the future integrity of the Union. The Counsel General spoke at the National Eisteddfod about our Union as being a family of nations working together for our common good. The Counsel General also spoke about the voluntary nature of the Union and the impact on the whole if any of its constituent parts choose to exercise their right of self-determination to leave the Union.

It is my determination to work harder to create, shape and fashion a Union which is not only strong enough to endure the current pressures as a consequence of Brexit but a Union which works harder to reflect the interests of each constituent nation and where every member of this family has a place in decision-making. I want the future UK to be a more equal and a fairer Union.

I have therefore asked Alun Davies AM to lead a project on my behalf to explore the future of the United Kingdom were we to leave the European Union on 31st October. I want Alun Davies to provide challenge, insight and to produce a report on his conclusions which I hope to publish by Easter next year.