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Hannah Blythyn, Deputy Minister for Social Partnership

First published:
13 February 2023
Last updated:

Today marks the launch of ‘HeartUnions’ week, the annual event which showcases the vital work trade unions do and which I am proud to celebrate in Wales. 

Every day of every year, trade unions help make work and workplaces fairer, safer, and more secure.  The Welsh Government is clear in its view – trade unions are a force for good and being in a trade union is the best way for workers to protect their rights at work, improve their experience of work and ensure their voice is heard. 

More than that, trade unions are effective and resourceful partners to employers in assisting early identification and resolution of issues, in providing support on health and safety, and in enhancing employee engagement and satisfaction. 

That is why we promote awareness of the role of trade unions, the benefits of joining a trade union, and the value of employers and trade unions working constructively in a spirit of mutual respect.  And we encourage employers to provide trade union access, so that workers have the opportunity and choice to be represented collectively.  These issues are at the heart of our social partnership way of working in Wales.

We are proud to work alongside trade unions in delivering initiatives like the Wales Union Learning Fund, which supports skills and employability, and the Unions and the World of Work pilot project, which helps provide the next generation of workers, employers, and entrepreneurs with the opportunity to learn about what makes a good workplace. 

Our approach, built on the foundations of partnership, collaboration and respect stands in sharp contrast with the confrontational approach the UK Government appear intent on pursuing. 

The Welsh Government is proud to support ‘HeartUnions’ week.  And we will continue to promote the role of trade unions and the important work they do to in making a positive difference to workplaces and to Wales.