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Rebecca Evans MS, Minister for Finance and Local Government

First published:
17 December 2021
Last updated:

I would like to make members aware that HMRC has published its latest WRIT Annual Report. As set out in the Service Level Agreement (SLA), HMRC are required to report annually on its delivery of WRIT. The report sets out information about HMRC’s administration of WRIT, covering:

  • compliance activity (including identification of Welsh taxpayers),
  • the collection of and accounting for WRIT revenues,
  • customer service and support,
  • data for WRIT rate setting and forecasting,
  • data for Welsh Government cash management, and
  • the costs of delivering WRIT, and recharging of HMRC costs.

The administration of WRIT has now moved into a business as usual phase focussing on maintaining and updating systems and improving awareness of WRIT. As set out in the Service Level Agreement (SLA), a formal governance structure is in place to ensure a consistent quality of service to Welsh taxpayers and allow HMRC and the Welsh Government to meet their respective responsibilities in respect of operating WRIT. The report can be found at:

Welsh rates of Income Tax - HMRC annual report 2021 (GOV.UK)