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Mark Drakeford MS, First Minister

First published:
18 January 2024
Last updated:

Just over two years ago, we set up the Independent Commission on the Constitutional Future of Wales to consider and develop options for fundamental reform of the constitutional structures of the United Kingdom, in which Wales remains an integral part, and to consider and develop all progressive options to strengthen Welsh democracy and deliver improvements for the people of Wales. 

The commission, which is jointly chaired by Professor Laura McAllister and Dr Rowan Willams, is a commitment in our Programme for Government and in the Cooperation Agreement between the Welsh Government and Plaid Cymru. 

The commission has today published its final report. It is available here: Independent Commission on the Constitutional Future of Wales: final report

This represents an important moment in the constitutional journey of Wales. I want to thank the co-chairs and members of the commission for all their work, which has led to the production of this comprehensive report. I also want to thank everyone who has supported and participated in the commission’s work, including the members of the expert panel, and the many people and organisations who took part in the public engagement activities.

The commission’s final report deserves careful and serious consideration. I will make an oral statement to the Senedd on 30 January and, once we have had time to consider our response, we will table a government debate in the Senedd.