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Vaughan Gething, Minister for Economy

First published:
25 September 2023
Last updated:

In accordance with the inter-institutional relations agreement, I can report to Members that I attended the Interministerial Group for Trade on 7 September.

The meeting was attended by:

  • Minister Huddleston, UKG Department for Business and Trade.
  • Minister Lochhead, Minister for Small Business, Innovation and Trade, Scottish Government.
  • Ministers from the Wales Office and the Northern Ireland Office were also in attendance.

The Interministerial Group for Trade provides the primary forum to discuss matters of trade policy between the UK government, Northern Ireland Executive, Scottish Government and Welsh Government.

In the meeting we discussed the recent signing of the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement on Trans-Pacific Partnership, as well as the latest updates on the ongoing Free Trade Agreement negotiations with India and Canada.