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Jane Hutt MS, Minister for Social Justice
Hannah Blythyn MS, Deputy Minister for Social Partnership

First published:
7 February 2022
Last updated:

There is no statement or remark that can be made that will alleviate the deep sorrow and injustice felt following the murder of Dr Gary Jenkins. 

We cannot imagine the pain and hurt his family and friends have been feeling for the past few weeks and months through these difficult times. To them and to everyone who grieves, we send our most heartfelt condolences.

Dr Jenkins has been remembered as a ‘kind soul,’ as ‘incredibly generous,’ as humane and compassionate. He was a man who dedicated his life to our NHS, to the service of others. A dedication and kindness to our nation that, unfortunately, can never be repaid.

The trial has concluded that this was a homophobic attack in the heart of our capital city. It is a cruel reminder that while we have made great strides in the campaign for equality, we still have a very long way to go. It is a terrible and tragic reminder and manifestation of the hate our LGBTQ+ community continues to face. But this act should not and will not break spirits or temper hope.  It must serve only to fortify our shared vision for true equality, justice and security.

As a Government, we have made our ambition clear. Through our robust LGBTQ+ Action Plan, we intend to become the most LGBTQ+ friendly nation in Europe. That means working with all of our partners, communities and the police to ensure that we are safe, that we are free to live our lives free from ignorance, abuse and hate.  We will continue with our ambitious plans and will continue to see them through working alongside our dedicated communities, partners and public services. A significant part of this plan is aimed at tackling and preventing hate crime and last week we increased our LGBTQ+ focus on our current  Hate Hurts Wales campaign. It is right that we support and speak out to tackle hate crime together. We have a long way to go, but there is a clear and shared determination that we will create the Wales we all hope for.

As a nation we are guided by our capacity to care for one another. What and who we are is not reflected in the cruelty and inhumanity of that night, instead it is reflected in Dr Jenkins’ kindness and compassion.