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Eluned Morgan, Minister for Health and Social Services

First published:
9 November 2021
Last updated:

I am pleased to confirm the publication of the NHS Planning Framework for 2022-25. This statutory framework is issued at a time of intense pressure in the health and care system. We know we have an extremely challenging winter ahead but it is also important that we plan beyond this. The framework signals both my ambition and commitment to look ahead to resetting services and driving recovery as we move forward into next year.

First, I would like to pay tribute to the ongoing efforts of the health and care staff who continue to work tirelessly caring for patients. I recognise the toll this is taking on many people. COVID has challenged everyone, particularly front line staff. They have been there for us and our loved ones throughout the pandemic and I send my heartfelt thanks to them again today.

I have said that the pandemic is far from over and we will be living with the effects and consequences of COVID for some time to come. This planning framework sets the context for how I expect the NHS to move forward. It sets out my overarching priorities for the NHS Integrated Medium Term Plans (IMTPs) that will be submitted in February 2022. These priorities are:

  • A Healthier Wales - as the overarching policy context
  • Population health, through the lens of pandemic experience and health inequity
  • COVID response
  • NHS recovery
  • Mental Health and emotional wellbeing
  • Supporting the health and care workforce
  • NHS Finance and managing within resources
  • Working alongside Social Care

This Framework restarts the statutory planning process that was paused in March 2020 and the integrated 3 year plans that will submitted in February will be robustly assessed. I shall be publishing more specific targets in a limited number of areas by the start of the new year. They will be the first set of IMTPs that I will formally consider for approval and I look forward to seeing the ambition and commitments that they demonstrate.

Diolch yn fawr Iawn.