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Lee Waters MS, Deputy Minister for Climate Change

First published:
14 February 2024
Last updated:

Today, I am publishing the Active Travel Delivery Plan 2024-2027.

A commitment in our National Transport Delivery Plan (NTDP), the Active Travel Delivery Plan sets out in more detail how we and our delivery partners will implement the active travel commitments in Llwybr Newydd and the NTDP.

The Active Travel Delivery Plan aims to increase modal shift by making active travel easier to access, more attractive to use and more inclusive. It provides details of the main actions we will be taking to deliver this goal across our four key delivery areas:

Leading the change — To deliver this major change requires clear and consistent leadership. Our plan sets out how we will provide training and resources to our leaders.

Stepping up our delivery — We will deliver new strategic programmes to maximise the capability and capacity to deliver high-quality schemes which will have the greatest impact on the uptake of active travel.

Demonstrating what active travel can achieve — We will deliver a programme of activities to demonstrate the benefits investment in active travel can secure.

Making active travel the first choice for more journeys — We will continue to prioritise active travel investment to enable us to deliver a comprehensive programme, creating the right environment and providing the skills and knowledge for more journeys to be undertaken by active travel.

The full plan can be accessed here: Active travel delivery plan 2024 to 2027