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Lee Waters, Deputy Minister for Climate Change

First published:
9 November 2022
Last updated:

On 12th July the Senedd passed the legislation to change the National Default Speed Limit in Wales on restricted roads from 30 mph to 20 mph. Highways authorities are currently preparing for the necessary changes in advance of the 20mph default speed limit on restricted roads coming into force in September 2023.

 The new legislation will not apply a blanket speed limit on all roads, it will simply make the default limit 20mph, leaving local authorities, who know their area best, to engage with the local community to decide which roads should remain at 30mph.

The Welsh Government has been working closely with highway authorities to design a process for making 30mph exceptions and the Exceptions Guidance. The guidance provides a tool to help apply reasoning for making any exception, whilst also taking into account local factors and circumstances. It also ensures a consistent approach is taken across Wales.

Over the coming months, highway authorities will be consulting on all their proposed exceptions to the new 20mph default speed limit ensuring that local people can have their say on the proposals.

To assist with the understanding of where the exceptions will be located, the Welsh Government is also launching an interactive map which will be updated regularly as highway authorities go through the consultation process.