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Jeremy Miles MS, Minister for Education and Welsh Language

First published:
28 September 2021
Last updated:

Between 16 March and 6 July 2021, we held a consultation on the future of Welsh language linguistic infrastructure.

By ‘linguistic infrastructure’ we mean those things that help us use Welsh from day to day – the bricks and mortar like corpora, dictionaries and terminology resources, and all the research and standardisation that goes into enabling these resources to grow and develop.

The aim of the proposals in the consultation document was to better coordinate all the different parts that make up linguistic infrastructure, in order to improve the provision for users – be they members of the public, translators, people who use Welsh at work, teachers, school children or their parents, or anyone who wants to use Welsh in any way.

Today I’d like to draw Members’ attention to the publication of a document summarizing the responses to the consultation on linguistic infrastructure.  

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who responded to the consultation and who gave their time to do so. Building on the feedback received during the consultation, we’ll be making a statement on the next steps in due course.

The Cymraeg 2050: a million Welsh speakers strategy sets targets for increasing the number of Welsh speakers and the number who speak Welsh every day. Another aspect of the strategy is to create favourable conditions for this to happen – resources such as dictionaries, terminologies and corpora are an important part of this, and play a significant role in laying the foundations to help people learn Welsh and make sure everyone can use it confidently, without barriers.   

English: National policy on Welsh linguistic infrastructure | GOV.WALES