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Eluned Morgan AM, Minister for International Relations and the Welsh Language

First published:
28 March 2019
Last updated:

This was published under the 2016 to 2021 administration of the Welsh Government

Today I am publishing our annual report for 2017-18 in relation to 'Cymraeg 2050: a million Welsh speakers', the Welsh Government’s long term strategy for the Welsh language. 

2017-18 was the year we published 'Cymraeg 2050' and started laying the necessary foundations to make progress towards the target.

Cymraeg 2050 replaced 'A living language: a language for living', the Welsh Government’s strategy for the Welsh language between April 2012 and the end of March 2017. As we fine-tuned and prepared 'Cymraeg 2050' for publication, 'A living language: a language for living' was extended for an additional 3 months until July 2017. The period encompassed by this report therefore includes 3 months of activity under the previous strategy.

Those activities that had not already come to an end under 'A living language: a language for living' continued under 'Cymraeg 2050', and they are reported on under the 3 themes as outlined in the new strategy.

These activities lay solid foundations and, in conjunction with the ambitious new steps we are taking in various policy areas, are helping to set the direction towards a million Welsh speakers.

Cymraeg 2050

Cymraeg 2050 was launched in July 2017. It outlines the Welsh Government’s long term vision of having a million Welsh speakers by 2050. This commitment was also included in Taking Wales Forward 2016–2021, the Programme for Government.

We have identified 3 strategic themes to achieve this vision:

  • Theme 1: Increasing the number of Welsh speakers
  • Theme 2: Increasing the use of Welsh
  • Theme 3: Creating favourable conditions – Infrastructure and context

The report follows these themes in order.