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Jeremy Miles MS, Minister for Education and Welsh Language

First published:
4 August 2021
Last updated:

On 24 February this year my predecessor Eluned Morgan MS, the then Minister for Mental Health, Wellbeing and Welsh Language announced that she was commissioning a Rapid Review of the National Centre for Learning Welsh ("the Centre"). Today, I am pleased to announce that I am publishing the Report of that Review which presents the conclusions and recommendations of the review team. I am very grateful to Steve Morris and his team for preparing a comprehensive report which makes clear recommendations for us to consider as we approach the Centre’s second term.

I have decided to publish this Report today as it is a day of celebrating the success of learners at the National Eisteddfod as it announces this year’s Learner of the Year. It is therefore very appropriate that this Report published today reminds us of the contribution that the Centre makes in creating new Welsh speakers, and the invaluable contribution that those new speakers make to their communities, to Wales, and to the Welsh language.

The Report is clear in its conclusions that the Centre has contributed effectively to Cymraeg 2050, and that it has introduced Welsh to new speakers, and that the national structure provides a firm foundation to the Learn Welsh sector to build upon. The digital innovation that took place during the pandemic has also created exciting opportunities. The Report also confirms that the Centre has built up expertise, improved coherence within the Learn Welsh sector, developed a national curriculum, and formed effective partnerships since its inception in 2015.

The Report makes 22 recommendations for our consideration. They have been divided into 5 categories: The Centre as a strategic influencer; broadening the remit of the Centre; the Centre's provision; the Centre’s knowledge managements; and the Centre's work in developing partnerships. We will consider the recommendations during the summer, and I will publish a full response to the recommendations and update Members early in the new term. 

This statement is being issued during recess in order to keep members informed. Should members wish me to make a further statement or to answer questions on this when the Senedd returns I would be happy to do so.