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Lynne Neagle, Deputy Minister for Mental Health and Wellbeing

First published:
23 June 2021
Last updated:

FSA Wales has the function of developing policies and advising Welsh Ministers in relation to food safety, food standards and animal feed. This includes food composition and food labelling policies. Following the UK’s transition out of the EU, the FSA’s role has expanded significantly, particularly in relation to imports and exports. FSA will be responsible for many functions previously carried out by the European Commission and the European Food Safety Authority. They will also have a significant role to play in recovery to support local authorities and partners to sustain and maintain the high levels of food safety which we currently enjoy.

With this in mind, I have asked my officials to develop a specification and appoint an independent team to review the operation of the FSA in Wales. This will allow me to consider future funding arrangements, the remit of the organisation and to understand the ability of the FSA to meet existing and future challenges. The scope of the review will:

  • Consider if current structures, governance and stakeholder engagement are effective and fit for purpose to deliver against the FSA in Wales remit.
  • Evaluate the scope of the FSA in Wales and consider if further policy areas such as nutrition policy should be included within remit.
  • Set out a range of costed delivery models and options, which will make clear recommendations to Welsh Ministers.

The review will engage a range of stakeholder views and will be overseen by a steering group. I will maintain a close interest in the development of the review and will keep members updated on developments.