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Vaughan Gething Minister for Economy
Lesley Griffiths Minster for Rural Affairs and North Wales and Trefnydd

First published:
7 July 2022
Last updated:

Developing and strengthening the foundational sectors which deliver the everyday goods and services that people across Wales depend on, is central to the Welsh Government’s Economic Resilience and Reconstruction plan.

We have all seen and recognised through the course of the pandemic, the foundational sectors of Wales’ economy, such as social care, food, retail and construction, are the pillars which have kept our communities safe and secure.

Taking further action to help strengthen our foundational sectors should be a priority for all of us in the months and years ahead. We have accepted a report which summarises cross-Government actions we have agreed to strengthen and deepen the support for the growth of the food sector in Wales, through retail, hospitality, tourism and public procurement. The food sector is a distinct part of our culture and economy, comprising 28,000 jobs across Wales. We will progress these actions to help make the food sector more resilient and strive to identify ways in which we can grow its workforce, embedding principles of Fair Work. This action is aligned to the previously published Foundational Economy delivery plan and sets out the steps for developing support which could further grow our Foundational sectors.

The vital contribution of food to our wellbeing endorses the Welsh Government’s focus to fortify and grow this part of the economy. We will continue engagement with and between the private and public sectors in Wales and use all policy and delivery levers available to strengthen the foundational sectors.