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Rebecca Evans MS, Minister for Finance and Local Government

First published:
3 November 2021
Last updated:

I have published, today, the Welsh Government's Tax Policy Framework Update and our Tax Policy Work Plan 2021-2026. Taken together, these two documents set out our strategic priorities for tax policy development over the course of this Senedd term, and how we will go about working with our partners to progress them.  

Our inaugural Tax Policy Framework (2017) was widely endorsed. It sets out the legal framework underpinning our devolved tax powers together with the Welsh Government’s tax principles. 

Our Tax Policy Framework Update (2021) recognises the progress we have made in developing tax policy in Wales since the enactment of the Wales Act 2014 and seeks to build on this. In the Tax Policy Framework Update we take the opportunity to situate and integrate tax policy into the wider Welsh Government national strategic policy context. We also set out ‘our tax approach’, which is the distinct way in which we in Wales develop and deliver tax policy with our partners. 

Our tax approach reflects our commitment to continue to work collaboratively to co-produce and co-deliver our tax policy objectives. It explains how we will ensure we continue to embed sustainability, fairness and equality considerations in the way in which we undertake and deliver our priorities.

The Tax Policy Work Plan spans the term of this Senedd. This is in line with our commitment to transparency and engagement. In setting out our tax policy priorities, it ensures stakeholders are informed and able to work with us in the development and delivery of the Welsh Government’s tax policy priorities, building on the commitments set out in the Programme for Government.        

I will report on progress against the work plan annually through the Tax Policy Report to be published alongside the Draft Budget.