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Lesley Griffiths AM, Minister for Communities and Tackling Poverty

First published:
16 July 2015
Last updated:

This was published under the 2011 to 2016 administration of the Welsh Government





During a Plenary session last month, I promised to publish a statement for Members on how we will take a more universal approach to supporting parents.

Research consistently tells us parents, or those with a parenting role, have a huge influence on outcomes for children. How parents support their children, is more important than other factors, such as social class or family structure.

Research suggests children can benefit from positive parenting, displaying improved behaviour and better social and emotional development.  Parents may also benefit by increased confidence, less stress and less conflict in the home.

Websites, booklets, classes and support groups can be excellent resources to help parents develop their positive parenting skills. This is why it is important for parents to have access to information and advice giving them knowledge, support and reassurance. All parents should feel valued and supported to be the best they can for their children. 

Today I will be meeting parents in Flintshire who have benefitted from such parenting support. This is an extremely appropriate setting, therefore, to announce my positive parenting campaign “Parenting. Give it time” which will commence in the autumn. The name is intended to encourage parents to take a thoughtful, positive approach to parenting.

Using the theme of ‘time,’ the tone of communications will be encouraging and supportive, promoting positive parenting messages through a number of different media channels. This will include a dedicated website with information, advice and signposts to further sources of support. Our aim is to make information and advice available to all parents in a way which is equally accessible to all.