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Lesley Griffiths MS, Minister for Rural Affairs, North Wales, and Trefnydd

First published:
13 March 2024
Last updated:

A responsible dog breeding and ownership workshop was held on 15 February, following on from the Responsible Dog Ownership Summit: Action on Dangerous Dogs held in October 2023. 

The latest workshop was an opportunity to highlight achievements and measures since the first summit, demonstrating how the multi-agency collaborative approach is helping to deliver our priorities and promoting responsible dog breeding and ownership.  

Our ambition is for all animals in Wales to have a good life. Our Animal welfare plan 2021-2026, champions exemplary standards, adoption and the sharing of best practice, engagement with stakeholders, effective enforcement, research, and education, to embed responsible ownership and advance animal welfare. The series of stakeholder workshops and events, which will be run throughout 2024, will be a key part in achieving these aims. 

The February workshop was a hybrid event with more than 50 attendees from a wide range of organisations, including police forces, local authorities, veterinary bodies, public health and third sector organisations, including those campaigning for the welfare of dogs and the safety of the general public. 

There were presentations from the Blue Cross on Responsible Dog Ownership courses and the work it is doing with South Wales and Gwent police forces. South Wales Police gave an update on its LEAD (Local Environment Awareness on Dogs) initiative, promoting safe and responsible dog ownership and reducing anti-social behaviour. 

The key recommendations from the workshop were: 

  • The Welsh Government will review the current Breeding and Microchipping Regulations, to ensure they continue to provide high welfare standards and enable effective enforcement.
  • To address the disparity between roles and responsibilities of police forces and local authorities on enforcement, when dealing with dog related offences. 
  • Understanding what action is needed to support the recording and sharing of dog ownership data between agencies, which will help to monitor incidents, return animals to their owners, and reduce financial and resource burdens.
  • To continue the co-ordination of messaging and support of public engagement campaigns and education, promoting good animal welfare and ensuring public safety, by all organisations. 

The next event is planned for 30 April.