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Lee Waters MS, Deputy Minister for Climate Change

First published:
21 September 2022
Last updated:

In June 2021, I announced that a review of new road schemes funded by the Welsh Government would be undertaken. The Roads Review panel was established, with its membership made up of independent experts in transport policy, climate change, highway engineering and the freight and logistics sector. It has been chaired by Dr Lynn Sloman MBE.

The panel has submitted its final report to the Welsh Government about its findings for each of the road schemes it has reviewed. It has also provided recommendations and tests on the conditions where building new roads is the right thing to do.   

This is a comprehensive and detailed piece of work and I’d like to thank all the panel’s members for their time and commitment to this significant review.

We will now carefully consider the panel’s advice and recommendations, in line with Llwybr Newydd, the Wales Transport Strategy, our well-being goals and Net Zero Wales

I will consider the panel’s report and recommendations alongside the advice provided by officials. I intend to publish the panel’s report and my decision once this process is complete, later in the autumn.