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Rebecca Evans MS, Minister for Finance and Local Government

First published:
25 November 2021
Last updated:

In order to deliver the strategic vision set out within the Wales Procurement Policy Statement it is essential for us to have the capability and capacity across the Welsh public sector procurement profession in Wales.

Recognising that the number of professionally qualified procurement staff in Wales has been at a deficit for a number of years, the Welsh Government has recently provided significant investment to support the growth of the profession.

In collaboration with stakeholders, the Welsh Government has focused on delivering a programme for raising the capability and capacity in Wales with an associated investment of approximately £690k since 2020.

Through an investment of £587,000 the Welsh Government has funded 118 public sector individuals to undertake the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (CIPS) Corporate Award Programme.  The bespoke courses incorporate use of familiar language and terminology, drawing on Welsh examples, to help students put Welsh procurement policy into practice.

As they progress on their qualification, the students will more effectively influence procurement outcomes with a focus on the Well Being of Future Generations Act.  They will contribute to addressing the long-term sustainability of procurement, and strengthen the profession in the Welsh public sector.

The Welsh Government has also invested £96,000 in funding five University students to undertake placements in procurement departments across Wales, including Welsh Government.  The aim being for them to build future careers within Welsh public sector procurement teams.

Hosted on the Welsh Government funded NHS Learning site, a range of on-line content to support the procurement profession will become available.  A training module for Project Bank Accounts is now live, and work on developing a Social Value in Social Care module with the Wales Co-operative is underway. Preparatory work is also being undertaken to develop content to further support delivery of the Well Being of Future Generations Act.

We are also developing a procurement apprenticeship programme with the Awarding Body CIPS and the Welsh Government apprenticeships team. This will provide an additional gateway into Welsh public sector procurement providing new entrants with the opportunity to gain and evidence commercial skills and experience, while gaining a recognised qualification.