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Vaughan Gething, The Minister for Economy,
Jane Hutt, The Minister for Social Justice and Chief Whip

First published:
7 June 2023
Last updated:

The UK Government commissioned the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC), in February 2023, to review the Shortage Occupation List (SOL) as a key part of the UK Government’s overall immigration policy.

In particular, within this review the MAC has been asked by the UK Government to review the list of eligible occupations; with it being made clear that no occupation will remain on the SOL indefinitely.

The MAC issued a Call for Evidence as part of this review, and the Welsh Government has engaged widely with partners and stakeholders in Wales, both in preparing a Welsh Government evidence paper and in encouraging sectors and organisations to submit their own evidence. The Welsh Government’s evidence paper is available at: The Welsh Government’s response to the Migration Advisory Committee’s Call for Evidence: Shortage Occupation List 2023

The Welsh Government’s response to the MAC’s Call for Evidence has particular relevance in the context of the Brexit related impacts and the effects of the pandemic on the wider economy and provision of public services. Since 2020 the immigration landscape has changed profoundly. The economic environment has also altered dramatically and access to the EU labour market has greatly diminished. Migration policy must be responsive to these changed circumstances and their implications for businesses, public services and communities in Wales.

It is important for the immigration system to respond to geographic labour market variations and therefore in responding to this Call for Evidence the Welsh Government calls for priority occupations and sectors to be incorporated in a Wales only SOL if they are not included the UK wide SOL.

We hope that the Welsh Government’s response, underpinned by our evidence, analysis and stakeholder feedback, will be considered carefully by the MAC in making recommendations on the SOL at a UK and a Wales level.