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Lesley Griffiths MS, Cabinet Secretary for Culture and Social Justice

First published:
23 May 2024
Last updated:

Through the Well-being of Future Generations Act, we have a strong foundation for putting Wales on a more sustainable path. The Act shapes how we work and the policies we develop, helping us address the intergenerational challenges we face. From the progress we are making on our National Forest and our Child Poverty Strategy, to our social partnership legislation and recycling rates, we are meeting the needs of current generations without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. This is the sustainable development principle the Welsh Government is obliged to carry out and promote thinking about the long-term, working with people and communities, looking to prevent problems and taking a more joined-up approach.

In 2023, the Welsh Government published its Well-being of Future Generations Continuous Learning and Improvement Plan 2023-25, which sets out a range of actions and ongoing activities designed to deepen the understanding and application of the sustainable development principle in the Welsh Government. 

The Plan also served as the Welsh Government’s substantive response to the recommendation from the former Future Generations Commissioner for Wales’ section 20 review report.

Today, I have published the Progress Update, covering the Plan’s 51 actions. The Progress Update also provides an overview of the lessons learnt so far and highlights resources which can help the public bodies listed in the Act and others to deepen their understanding and application of the sustainable development principle within their organisations.

I am pleased we have strengthened the implementation of the Act within Welsh Government through a new Policy Capability Framework, facilitated a series of knowledge exchange sessions for public bodies across Wales, created a Young Persons Budget Improvement Plan, and delivered a Wellbeing and Ethnicity supplement to our 2023 Well-being of Wales report. 

The Plan and the annual Progress Update are an important part of the story of how we are continuing to strengthen the Act’s implementation, whilst acknowledging there is always more which can and should be done. The Progress Update is a reminder that continuous learning and improvement are part of a journey which requires commitment, deliberate effort and sustained leadership to succeed. I am grateful to all participating partners for their commitment to the Plan and I look forward to continuing to work in collaboration to further Wales’ well-being.