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Eluned Morgan AM, Minister for International Relations and Welsh Language

First published:
1 February 2019
Last updated:

This was published under the 2016 to 2021 administration of the Welsh Government

In the White Paper, Striking the right balance, the Welsh Government put forward proposals for a new Welsh Language Bill. Having carefully considered the responses to the consultation, as well as the recent evidence from a number of stakeholders to the Culture, Welsh Language and Communications Committee, the First Minister, Cabinet and I are agreed we will not proceed with introducing a Welsh Language Bill.

The two main aims from the start were to cut down on the bureaucracy of the Welsh language standards system, and establish appropriate arrangements for promoting the use of Welsh in order to reach the ambitious goals in our strategy, Cymraeg 2050.

Despite the discontent with some aspects of the standards, it is clear there is no appetite to change the whole system. I am confident it is possible to cut down on bureaucracy and deal with complaints more effectively within the existing legislation. I shall work with the Welsh Language Commissioner to implement changes quickly.  In addition, I shall restart the programme of introducing standards regulations for new bodies as soon as the legislative timetable relating to Brexit is clearer. As for other private bodies, such as banks and supermarkets, the Commissioner and I will continue to consult closely with them and push them to provide more services, more consistently in Welsh.

Regarding arrangements to promote the Welsh language, I will discuss the best way forward with stakeholders, and look again at the division of responsibilities between the Welsh Government and the Commissioner. I will not make any final decisions until I have had the opportunity to discuss the challenges arising from this with the Commissioner, the Welsh Language Partnership Council and other stakeholders.