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Vaughan Gething, MS, Minister for the Economy

First published:
22 November 2022
Last updated:

I wish to inform Members that, in accordance with the principles enshrined in Managing Welsh Public Money, I have agreed to formally write off funds used during the Covid 19 Pandemic to procure components intended for the proposed development of CPAP (Continuous Positive Air Pressure) devices in Wales.  The components, urgently procured during global supply chain issues at the peak of the pandemic, were ultimately not used to build Welsh CPAP units as the CPAP ventilation demand did not thankfully reach initial modelling figures.

Having instructed officials to make every effort to sell, or find alternative use for the components purchased during FY’s 20 – 21 at a total cost of £565,197.84, this has not proved possible as the medical grade components were bespoke and contained no precious metals or scarce electronic components suitable for other use; despite widespread discussions with component suppliers / manufacturers, industry bodies, local manufacturers, academia and Innovate UK it has not been possible to attract interest and recoup the market value. 

I am however, delighted to announce that a considerable number of the units have been donated to the EESW (Engineering Education Skills Wales) for use in their schools’ design challenge projects in the coming years; with the balance being recycled in Wales by local recycling companies following a competitive tender process.