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  1. Welcome and Introductions
  2. Background to development of the new Board
  3. Interim Youth Work Board – final report recap
  4. Terms of Reference for the Board
  5. Young Persons Committee
  6. Wider Sector Engagement
  7. Schedule of future meetings
  8. AOB



Sharon Lovell, Chair (SL) - Board Chair

Simon Stewart (SSt) - Board Member

Joanne Sims (JS) - Board Member

Shahinoor Shumon (SSh) - Board Member

Lowri Jones (LJ) - Board Member

Deb Austin (DA) - Board Member

Kelly Harris (KH) - Board Member

Marco Gil-Cervantes (MG) - Board Member


David Williams (DW) - Board Member

Sian Elen Tomos (ST) - Board Member

Attendees – Welsh Government

Hannah Wharf (HW) - Deputy Director Support for Learners

Dyfan Evans (DE) - Head of Youth Engagement Branch

Donna Robins (DR) - Senior Youth Work Strategy Manager

Hayley Jones (HJ) - Senior Youth Work Strategy Manager

Kirsty Harrington (KHa) - Youth Work Policy Officer

Dareth Edwards (DEd) - Youth Work Policy Manager

Welcome and introductions

SL welcomed the newly appointed board to their first official board meeting. The board members introduced themselves, outlining their current roles and their connection with youth work. SL set out her vision for the Board and its pivotal role in supporting the development of a sustainable youth work service for Wales and progressing on the recommendations in ‘Time to Deliver for young People’ report.

Future meetings will be attended by representatives of the Young Persons Committee in order to represent the views of the wider committee and young people in line with a commitment to ensure that the voice of young people remains central to the work of the Board.

Welcome from Deputy Director of the Support for Learners Division, Welsh Government

HW reaffirmed the Ministerial commitment to youth work as a vital component of the wider education family, highlighting its value in creating safe spaces for young people.

The commitment is underpinned with a financial allocation of £11.4m over 3 years.

Background to development of the new Board

DE gave an overview of the work of the Youth Engagement Branch and the Interim Youth Work Board which has led to the creation of the new Youth Work Strategy Implementation Board.

Interim Youth Work Board – summary of recommendations

Welsh Government officials provided an update against each of the Interim Youth Work Board’s recommendations, outlining progress to date. SL reminded members that further work to undertake a workplan for each recommendation will be a priority at the next Board meeting.

Arising from this discussion, the Board members requested that Officials provide further detail on the scope of the imminent funding review and a summary paper outlining how local authorities plan to utilise the additional funding which has recently been made available to local authorities in support of a more diverse youth work offer and developing Welsh-medium provision.

Terms of reference for the new Board

SL set out the role and responsibilities of the members, referencing the Nolan principles. A draft Terms of Reference for the Board will be circulated to members for comment with a view to this being agreed at the next meeting.

Minutes of the board will be published on the Welsh Government’s website. A standing agenda item will be for declarations of potential conflicts of interest.

Welsh Government officials outlined the process for claiming fees/T&S and arrangements if Board members have any queries.

Young Persons Committee

Officials provided an update on current arrangements for the Young Persons Committee (YPC), including the relationship with the Urdd, Llamau and EYST in support of the committee, as well as steps being taken to ensure continued engagement with the YPC.

SL will attend the YPC’s residential meeting in October to discuss the link between the Board and the YPC in more detail.

The Board requested further detail on the composition of the YPC and its key processes including how young people vote on chairship.

Wider sector engagement

SL reaffirmed her commitment to the collaborative approach adopted by the Interim Youth Work Board through the Strategy Participation Groups (SPGs). Board members were asked to consider how best to organise wider sector engagement for the implementation phase. This will be discussed and agreed at the next meeting.  Officials provided feedback from the evaluation of the SPG structure and any lessons learnt.

Schedule of future meetings

SL stressed the importance of aligning future Board meetings with the meetings of the YPC. Timing of scheduled meetings will also need to be carefully managed to enable the participation of representatives from the YPC and to ensure the YPC has sufficient opportunity to consider and discuss the relevant topics.  

The schedule of future meetings will be agreed at the next meeting.