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  • Sharon Lovell (SL) (Chair)
  • Simon Stewart (SSt)
  • David Williams (DW)
  • Joanne Sims (JS)
  • Lowri Jones (LJ)
  • Sian Elen Tomos (ST)
  • Marco Gil-Cervantes (MG) 
  • Deb Austin (DA) 
  • Shahinoor Alom (SA)
  • Dyfan Evans, Head of Youth Engagement Branch, Welsh Government (WG) (DE)
  • Victoria Allen, Youth Work Strategy Manager, Welsh Government (VA)
  • Donna Robins, Senior Youth Work Strategy Manager, Welsh Government (DR)
  • Kirsty Harrington, Youth Work Policy Manager, Welsh Government (KHa)
  • Umaira Chaudhary, Youth Work Information Officer, Welsh Government (UC)
  • Tom Kitschker, Support for Learners Team Support Officer (TK)


  • Dareth Edwards, Senior Youth Strategy Work Manager, Welsh Government (DaE)
  • Gethin Jones, Senior Youth Work Strategy Manager, Welsh Government (GJ)

Conflicts of interest

None declared.

6 October 2023 meeting: minutes and action points

The Board approved the minutes and action points from the last meeting held on 6 October. Progress on actions was reviewed.

Implementation Plan

DE provided an update on plans for communicating key actions for the next phase of developing the Interim Youth Work Board’s recommendations. The Board emphasised the importance of ensuring this information was shared with the sector and other stakeholders as soon as possible. 

Action 1: DE to update Board members on progress of final steps of this work.

Young person’s participation

A summary paper on work undertaken during the tenure of the Board to explore and pilot models of participation was presented.

The Board agreed that the Young People are Thriving IPG would henceforth act as the main conduit for engaging with young people across all workstreams.  

Action Point 2: Officials to arrange a meeting of IPG Chairs to align IPG workplans and identify key stages at which young people’s input will be critical. 

The Young People are Thriving IPG will host a webinar on 25 January 2024. This is designed to provide an opportunity for practitioners to share good practice and to discuss and agree a set of guiding principles, for ensuring good quality participation and engagement by young people as we further develop the Interim Board’s recommendations. 

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

DR updated members on work undertaken to date in support of promoting a diverse and accessible youth work service and set out the priorities for the year ahead. 

Board members received details of activities undertaken by local authorities using additional funding that has been made available to progress work in this area, and their wider work around equality and diversity. 

Board members were also provided with more information on funding made available to voluntary youth work organisations who specialise in supporting young people with a protected characteristics, or who work with young people from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds. 

The Board were asked to consider the priorities for the year ahead and identify any gaps or any further measures that could be undertaken to address this priority recommendation. 

In addition, each IPG Chair was asked to reflect on how to retain a focus on inclusion and accessibility within their workstreams.


DE provided an update on budget allocations and invited the Board to contact him with any questions, including queries arising from the publication of the Welsh Government’s Draft Budget for 2023 to 2024 which is expected to be published before the end of December.

Any other business (AOB)

DE noted that the Terms of Reference (ToR) for the Youth Work Strategy Implementation Board requires updating to take account of the new approach to young person participation and engagement.

Action Point 3: Officials will provide an updated draft of the ToR for the Board’s consideration. 

Members requested that an all-IPG session is held in early 2024 to enable members of all IPG’s to gain a better understanding of priorities across each work area. 

Action Point 4: Officials to draft and share a proposal for an all-IPG session with Board members. 

The Board briefly discussed the two workstreams designed to support innovation within the sector: Estyn’s proposed standalone inspection framework and the Quality Mark for Youth Work in Wales.

Action Point 5: Officials will circulate the draft Estyn Inspection Framework to members and provide a paper on the likely alignment between the Quality Mark and the Estyn Framework. 

Board members also requested a summary of key dates for 2024.

Action Point 6: Officials to circulate a list of key dates for 2024.

Date of next meeting: 31 January 2024.