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  • Sharon Lovell (SL) (Chair)
  • Simon Stewart (SSt)
  • Shahinoor Shumon (SSh)
  • Kelly Harris (KH)
  • Marco Gil-Cervantes (MG)
  • Sian Elen Tomos (ST)
  • Deb Austin (DA)
  • Young Persons Committee Co-Chair (1)
  • Young Persons Committee Co-Chair (2)
  • Catrin James (CJ) (Facilitator for Young Persons Committee)
  • Hannah Wharf (HW) Deputy Director, Support for Learners Division, Welsh Government
  • Dyfan Evans (DE), Head of Youth Engagement Branch, Welsh Government
  • Donna Robins (DR), Senior Youth Work Strategy Manager, Welsh Government
  • Kirsty Harrington (KHa), Youth Work Policy Officer, Welsh Government
  • Dareth Edwards (DaE), Youth Work Policy Manager, Welsh Government


  • David Williams (DW)
  • Lowri Jones (LJ)
  • Joanne Sims (JS)
  • Victoria Allen (VA) Youth Work Strategy Manager, Welsh Government

Conflicts of interest

The following conflicts of interest were noted:

  • SSt is Dean of Faculty of Social and Life Sciences at Wrexham Glyndwr University – one of the HEIs involved with the funding review.
  • KH is Chair of the Children’s Commissioner for Wales’ Advisory Panel.

Meeting 9-10 November 2022: minutes and actions

The minutes and actions from 9-10 November 2022 have been published on the Welsh Government’s website. Members agreed to review and approve future minutes over email prior to each meeting, where possible, to ensure timely publication.

Action Point 1: Kha to circulate minutes to members and arrange for them to be published before the subsequent Board meeting, where possible

Following on from the discussions at November’s meeting, membership of the Implementation Participation Groups (IPG’s) has now been established. Meetings will start taking place in the next 6 to 8 weeks. The Chair thanked those members who have nominated themselves to act as Chair for the IPG’s.

Independent review of funding and expenditure on youth work services: update

Officials provided an update on the independent funding review, including an overview of the three phases of the review and the associated timeline. Alongside this update, officials also shared a summary of Welsh Governments Youth Work Grant allocations for the next three years, along with details of agreed activities and funding relating to the recommendations of the IYWB.

An updated version of this summary will be provided as a standard item at every meeting to illustrate how these allocations develop over time.

Action point 2: Members were asked to feedback any comments or questions on the funding summary to DR

Members asked if the Regional Partnership Boards (RPBs) would be included within the review. The review will need to emphasise the importance of sustainability and a whole-system approach. Members requested that a researcher from the funding review team is invited to a future meeting to explain the methodology used for this project.

Action point 3: DR to ask the funding review project team to consider RPB’s as part of this review

Action point 4: DR to invite a researcher from the funding review team to a future meeting

Young Person’s Committee (YPC)

Officials noted that a procurement exercise had recently been undertaken to appoint an organisation to co-ordinate and manage the work of the YPC. This contract has been awarded to a partnership consisting of EYST, Llamau and Urdd Gobaith Cymru.

In addition to the continuous evaluation of the approaches used by the YPC during the contract period, consideration will also be given to the use of other methods of engaging with young people to build an understanding of best practice in this area.

The co-chairs of the YPC shared how they will engage with the committee members as well as the Board, noting their aim to feedback to the Board at each meeting on the committee’s recent discussions. Members suggested that it would be beneficial for the co-chairs to join the ‘Young people are thriving’ IPG.

Action point 5: KH as Chair of the ‘Young People are Thriving’ IPG to invite the co-chairs to join that group

Strengthening or establishing a new legislative basis for youth work services in Wales: policy considerations and areas for further consideration

Officials introduced a paper based on the work undertaken to date for further consideration relating to strengthening the current legislative basis for youth work services in Wales.

For the work to progress effectively, members noted the importance of clear communication with the sector and key stakeholders, whilst also capturing the knowledge and perspectives of IPG members and the sector more widely.

Members acknowledged the complexity of many of the issues related to legislation. To support this work members suggested establishing a task & finish group. The group will take these issues forward before discussion at a subsequent Board meeting. Members agreed to inform SL if they would like to join the task & finish group.

Action point 6: Members to send their expressions of interest in joining the legislation task & finish group to SL. SL to work with officials to establish this group

Marketing and Communications programme

Officials provided an update on the proposed approach to marketing and communications for the year ahead.

A high-level plan using the OASIS methodology will be developed by CWVYS in partnership with Welsh Government officials over the coming weeks. This plan will be driven by key objectives. The sector-led Marketing and Communications Group will play a pivotal role in shaping the detailed work plan.

Action point 7: Officials to share any key event dates for the year ahead with the Board as soon as possible


MG informed the Board and officials of forthcoming opportunities to link with international partners to exchange best practice on youth information and other related areas.

Action point 8: MG to provide details to officials of upcoming opportunities for engaging with international colleagues

Members agreed that there was scope to explore further opportunities to learn from partners, networks and other Boards overseas. It was suggested that Dr Howard Williamson would be a useful contact in this context.

Action point 9: DE to contact Dr Howard Williamson for further advice

Officials noted that further guidance will be provided to members on claiming for time spent on activities beyond attendance at Board meetings (where applicable).

Action point 10: DE to share guidance with Board members on eligible activities

Officials proposed that dates be identified and shared for Board meetings for the remainder of 2023, taking into account the YPC co-chairs availability.

Action point 11: KHa to draft a meeting schedule for 2023 to share with Board members and YPC co-chairs