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Put a multidisciplinary team in place that can create and operate the service in a sustainable way.

First published:
6 February 2020
Last updated:

Why it’s important

You’ll need a team of people with a diverse mix of skills and expertise.

It’s important that people who make decisions are part of the team, so they’re accountable, and so that the whole team can respond quickly to user needs.

What it means

Services should:

  • be built by a multidisciplinary team that includes people who can achieve the steps they need to make when developing services
  • include people on the team who know how services are provided across the offline channels, and the back end systems the service needs to work with
  • give the team access to the specialist expertise it needs – for example legal or policy, from inside or outside their organisation
  • if the team is working with contractors and outside suppliers, make sure it’s on a sustainable basis

To some extent, the team will be shaped by what they’re doing at that point. For example, a team working on an alpha, which finds that the highest risks are about interaction design, will need to work with an expert in this field.

But start with the assumption that you’ll need a broad range of roles. A team with diversity of perspectives is more likely to come up with the best solution.