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Create the service using agile, iterative user-centred methods.

First published:
6 February 2020
Last updated:

Why it’s important

Using agile methods means getting your service in front of real users as soon as possible. Then, observing and generating data on how they use it, and iterating the service based on what you’ve learned.

Because you’re not assuming you know what users need, before you’ve found out what that is, agile methods reduce the risk of supplying the wrong thing.

What it means

Service teams should:

  • use agile ways of working – inspecting, learning and adapting as they go
  • have governance arrangements that are consistent with the agile governance principles
  • make sure that people know what’s happening with the service, at the right level of detail (including, for example, the minister or chief executive)
  • where appropriate and possible, test the service with the minister or relevant senior stakeholder