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Making sure everyone has access to fast and reliable digital infrastructure.

First published:
18 June 2019
Last updated:

Extending fibre broadband coverage

Our public funded fibre roll-outs with Openreach transformed the digital landscape of Wales. The public sector investment of over £250 million helped bring:

  • superfast broadband coverage across the country up to 97%
  • gigabit capable broadband coverage to more than 55%

A small minority of people in Wales remain without access to fast and reliable broadband.

Despite telecommunications not being devolved to Wales, we are supporting those without access to fast and reliable broadband. We are exploring options to use funds from the superfast broadband roll-out to improve digital connectivity.

Funding connectivity solutions

There are technologies which can bring fast broadband to areas currently without it. For properties not included in any fibre broadband roll-out, we can fund connectivity for individuals, businesses and communities through our grant schemes. We have also made £10 million available through our Local Broadband Fund to support local authorities and social enterprises to deliver broadband projects locally.

Connecting the public sector

Our public sector broadband network connects public sector organisations. It provides cost effective digital infrastructure to help provide excellent public services.

Taking steps to boost mobile coverage

We have developed a mobile action plan. This is how we will work with the mobile phone industry and Ofcom to provide connectivity to meet the needs of people and businesses.

Looking to the future

We want to connect Wales to the rest of the world through future proof digital technology. 

We are investing in activity which helps build a wide reaching fibre network across Wales. More physical network creates more competition, providing increased choice and a resilient internet supply. 

We are also working to ensure that Wales benefits from new and innovative technologies such as 5G and the internet of things.

Making Wales’ voice heard

Telecommunications policy is not devolved to Wales. We work closely with the UK Government, telecommunications operators and Ofcom. This helps us to understand market plans, influence UK policy and take action that is right for Wales.