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COVID-19 Resources

The Welsh Government Translation Service's resources in relation to coronavirus.

Draft key COVID-19 terms

In this table you will find draft key terms which have not yet been added to TermCymru. 

English term Welsh term Definition Status Notes






Published key COVID-19 terms

At the bottom of this page, you will find an Excel list of key COVID-19 terms which are already in TermCymru. For more information about those terms, search for them in TermCymru. 

The Excel list was updated on 05/02/2021.

Remember: other terms might be relevant to this field, but have not been noted in the list of key terms. You can search TermCymru for all our terms. 

Writing style

We have added a number of items to the Welsh-language style guide (yr Arddulliadur) which are relevant to the crisis. These include: 

  • gartref ac adref, which reminds us of the difference between these terms in formal contexts. 

Translation memories

At the bottom of this page you will find three translation memories relevant to the crisis. One is based on general documents and one on legislative documents. The third, supplementary translation memory contains texts that have not been proofread by the Welsh Government Translation Service. We would encourage you to download all three memories. Although the style and register of the texts they contain are very different, they may contain useful terminology.

These are TMX files and are released under the OGL licence. We will be adding new material to these translation memories regularly.

The three COVID-19 translation memories were last updated on 06/07/2020.

A * in the title of the TM indicates that the content has not been proofread by the staff of the Welsh Government Translation Service.