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Importing TMX files

Here is guidance on importing these TMX files into a selection of well-known translation memory systems.

The translation memory files published on BydTermCymru are TMX (Translation Memory eXchange) files.

TMX files are open XML format files, which have been developed to transfer translation memory data between different translation memory systems.

They cannot normally be opened on computers except through translation memory systems.

Importing files into your translation memory system

We suggest that you follow these steps to import the TMX files into your own system.

  • On the page with the details for individual files, click on the name of the file

  • A window will open at the bottom of your screen asking you whether you want to Open or Save the file

  • Save the file in a convenient folder on your computer

  • Follow the guidance below for your translation memory system, unless the provider's instructions state otherwise.

Déjà Vu X (2/3)

  • Open DÉJÀ VU X(2/3) and choose File> New

  • Choose Translation Memory and follow the steps

  • Choose File> Import> File or Database> Next

  • Choose TM and follow the steps.


  • Open TRANSLATOR'S WORKBENCH and choose File> New (For TRADOS 2007: open SYNERGY and choose Create Translation Memory)

  • Choose File> Import> OK

  • Choose TMX and choose TMX as Files of type

  • Choose TMX file and click OK.


  • Open WORD, and double-click on the WORDFAST icon

  • Choose Select TM under the TM tab

  • Choose All Files under Files of type

  • Choose TMX file and click OK.