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  • First Minister (Chair)
  • Minister for Social Justice 
  • Minister for Finance and Local Government
  • Minster for Economy
  • Minister for Rural Affairs and North Wales, and Trefnydd


1. The Cabinet Sub-Committee on Cost of Living will provide strategic direction to the Welsh Government’s ongoing response to the Cost of Living crisis.

2. Despite the majority of levers to fundamentally address Cost of Living pressures, such as via the welfare system, being reserved matters for the UK government, the Welsh Government is committed to doing what it can to address these pressures in both the short and long-term.

3. In particular, the Cabinet Sub-Committee will:

  • provide strategic leadership for the Welsh Government’s overall approach to addressing the cost of living crisis
  • consider the latest evidence and analysis on cost of living pressures and related impacts on the citizens, economy, and public services of Wales
  • monitor and provide direction for programmes addressing cost of living pressures in both the short- and long-term 
  • considers proposals for new or enhanced measures to respond to cost of living pressures 
  • support a One Welsh Public Service response to the cost of living crisis, working together with partners across Wales to deliver and refocus support
  • ensure synergy across portfolios to ensure a coordinated approach to addressing cost of living pressures, and 
  • agree Welsh Government positions on cost of living initiatives arising from the UK government


4. The chair will agree agenda items and papers. Papers will reflect the views of relevant ministers before they are submitted for agreement, and will be circulated to all Cabinet members. Ministers can attend meetings where portfolio interests are discussed. The committee will make recommendations and report to the full Cabinet, particularly on any cross-cutting issues or matters having financial or legislative implications.

5. Meetings will initially be held on a weekly basis during September and October, following which arrangements will be reviewed. During this period a selection of social partners will be invited to attend the Cabinet Sub-Committee every 2 weeks. Invitations to relevant meetings will also be extended by the chair to the Secretary of State for Wales and independent experts.

6. Cabinet Committee papers and minutes shall be produced and published in accordance with the arrangements set out for Cabinet.

Mark Drakeford MS
First Minister
September 2022