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How to make a complaint

Unacceptable behaviour

All members of the public have the right to be heard, understood and respected. However, our staff also have the same rights so please refrain from:

  • aggressive or abusive behaviour, for example swearing or threats
  • unreasonable demands, unreasonable conditions make it harder for us to provide a good service
  • unreasonable persistence, repeated similar requests disrupt our ability to work effectively

Find out more about what we consider to be unacceptable customer behaviour and how we will respond.

Online form

Complete our online complaint form.


03000 251378

Post or email

Download the form and email to or post to:

Complaints Advice Team
Welsh Government
Cathays Park
CF10 3NQ

Next steps

When we receive your complaint we try to resolve it quickly. We will always try to resolve it within 10 working days.

If you are still not happy

If you are not happy with our final decision about your complaint, you can contact the Public Services Ombudsman for Wales.

For more information about our complaints process read our ‘How to make a complaint about Welsh Government’ guidance.