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Provides updated information about the COVID-19 vaccination programme up to 8 February 2022.

First published:
8 February 2022
Last updated:


What’s new since the last update?

Our health boards are continuing to vaccinate everyone who comes forward and they are taking the vaccine to communities to make sure that everyone can access the vaccine. 

In January more than 20,000 people came forward for their first dose and more than 65,000 people came forward for their second dose. If you have waited to have your vaccine, now is the time. Health boards are ready for you with walk-in sessions available across Wales for all doses of the COVID-19 vaccine, including walk-in sessions for under 18s. There are also contact details for health boards and information will be updated on their social media. 

Children aged 5 to 11 who are 'at risk' will automatically receive an appointment for the vaccine. Children aged 5-11 who live in a household with someone who is immunosuppressed are eligible for the vaccine and need to complete a form to let health boards know that they need an appointment. The form is available here.

On 4 February, new research was published by the ONS on the COVID-19 vaccine and the booster. It says that the age-adjusted risk of death involving coronavirus (COVID-19) is consistently lower among those who have received at least three vaccines compared with unvaccinated people.

This is true for all age groups. In England between July and December 2021, the mortality risk was 93.4% lower for people who had received a third dose, or booster at least 21 days ago compared with unvaccinated people.

Previously ONS research showed that vaccination reduced the risk of infection during both the Alpha and Delta period and the booster vaccine provided over 90% protection against symptomatic infection in adults aged 50 years and over.

Nobody left behind

Anyone who wants to take up the offer of a first, second or booster vaccine can still do so. If you couldn’t make your original appointment, you can do it now. Walk-in sessions are available across Wales for first, second and booster appointments. Health board details are here: Get your COVID-19 vaccination

Vaccines offer a good level of protection and it’s worth having if you’ve had COVID already. This is because the level of protection people get from having the virus may vary depending on how mild or severe their illness was, the time since their infection, and their age. But we know protection from vaccination is good, especially the booster.

Unvaccinated people are more likely to need critical care in hospitals for COVID including the Omicron variant, and their outcomes are usually worse than those who are vaccinated.

Vaccination teams can answer any questions you may have about vaccination and support you to get vaccinated. Most vaccination centres have quiet areas for people to sit whilst waiting and many also have specialist nurses in attendance, to assist those who may need some extra support.

When can I get my vaccine after having COVID-19? 

If you are aged over 18 or under 18 years in a high risk group and you catch COVID-19 and are due to have your COVID-19 vaccination, you need to wait 28 days before having the vaccine, this is so that COVID-19 infection symptoms cannot be confused with post-vaccine symptoms.

And for children and young people under 18 years who are not in high risk groups JCVI have advised that following infection, you should ideally wait 12 weeks before having the vaccine. However, health boards in Wales have flexibility to reduce the inter-dose interval for 12 to 17 year olds to at least 8 weeks in periods of high transmission. This is in line with JCVI guidance providing sufficient information on the approach is given to parents and carers prior to their consent.

COVID-19 vaccination status 

The COVID Pass is currently compulsory for everyone attending:

  • nightclubs and similar venues
  • indoor non-seated events for more than 500 people. This would include conventions and concerts
  • outdoor non-seated events for more than 4,000 people, and
  • any setting or event for more than 10,000 people, such as a rugby or football match
  • Cinemas
  • Theatres
  • Concert halls

The COVID Pass confirms your vaccination status or that you have had a negative lateral flow test result within the past 24 hours. If you are registered with a GP in the UK, were vaccinated in Wales or England and are aged 16 or over, you can get a digital NHS COVID Pass.

Guidance to stakeholders

Access the COVID Pass using a smart phone, a computer or laptop (on NHS) 

Further information and guidance will be made available by the Welsh Government in the near future. View the current guidance on accessing the COVID Pass.

Who is currently getting vaccinated?

A guide to who is eligible for the vaccine including the interval between doses has been published by Public Health Wales.

Summary of our overall progress:

  • In total more than 6.7 million doses of the vaccine have been administered in Wales.
  • More than 2.5 million people have had a first dose and more than 2.37 million people have received their full course of vaccine.
  • 73.4% of adults aged 18 to 29 and 75.3% of adults aged 30 to 39 have received their second dose.
  • 75.4% of 16 and 17 year olds have received their initial dose and 56.9% of 12 to 15 year olds have received a first dose.
  • More than 54,000 people who are severely immunosuppressed have received their third primary dose
  • More than 1.8 million people have received a booster.
  • 69.2% of people in Wales aged 12+ have received a booster or third dose, this figure does not take into account that not everyone will be eligible for a booster at this time, for example due to not being in an eligible cohort, because the interval between second dose and booster is less than three months or because of recent prior infection with COVID.
  • 90.9% of care home residents, 76.1% of care home staff and more than 84.6% of people over 50 have received a booster.

Further information

Public Health Wales has FAQs about the vaccine and safety. They also publish daily and weekly surveillance data releases.

Help on how to get your vaccination is available here: Get your COVID-19 vaccination

A range of information on our vaccination programme is available on our website, including guidance published relating to the priority groups. 

Welsh Government statisticians are also publishing some of the more operational statistics attached to the programme each week.